Baby Tights
Newborn-12 Months
Criss Cross - GJ306

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Fabric:   45% Cotton
              30% Nylon
               21% Viscose
               4 % Spandex

Sizes:       Newborn
                0-3 Months
                3-6 Months
                6-12 Months

Colour:    Lovely shiny tights with 
               criss cross & heart design. 
               Available in pink, cream or white.
Price:      3.49

Please select your size and colour from the drop down boxes:

                         NB       0-3Mths       3-6Mths      6-12Mths
Length - Gusset to toe:            16-28cm     25-35cm          28-44cm          31-49cm
Foot Length:                             8-12cm       10-14cm            12-16cm            14-18cm

Size and colour:

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